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I like her being a slut

real_story 1-3min By: lordbyron  I always liked sluts, whores I get vey excited about the idea of a total whore used by many man. Wh...
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My wife Sophie

fantasy  1-3min  By: Fernand  Last night I have been drinking and had a facetime with a friend of mine and showed my wife passed out...
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Me deepest fantasy

fantasy  1-3min  By: Bolly-sissy  I dream to suck my wife’s bull, let him fuck me deeply and very rough, to show my wife that...
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Our new neighbor

fantasy  1-3min  By: JayL  Most of this is true but I clicked fantasy because it that too. We live in Austin Texas and our new neigh...
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Pics of my wife

reality  1-3min  By: Steve  I often shares pics of my wife with random strangers. I have even let strangers looks through her privat...